What Am I Working With?

What you got in those bags, girl?: 

Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 7D

Canon 50mm 1.4 lens

Canon 28-135mm 3.5 lens

Phottix Macro Extension

Micro Lens attachment

Business Cards

Canon 430EX Speedlite

Canon 430EXII Speedlite

3 Canon Camera Batteries Fully Charged

12 SD Memory Cards (4G-64G)

CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit (3 lights total)

What’s not in the bags but goes into shoots/weddings?

27″ iMac Desktop Computer

17″ Toshiba Laptop

1 TB External Hard Drive (x3)

2 TB External Hard Drive

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Lightroom5

1 9ft CowboyStudio lightstand

CowboyStudio 43″ umbrella diffuser

Fotodiox Flash Diffuser Dome

Phottix Canon Stratos

4 packs of  rechargeable batteries

Camera Battery Charger

Energizer Rechargeable Battery Charger

Neewer 110CM 43 inch collapsible light reflector

Countless Props (mostly for newborn portraits)

Pencils, Pens, Planner

Wedding Contracts

Countless backdrops for Newborn Portraits

4 Flokati Rugs (newborn portraits) (pink, 2 ivory, blue)

Endless headbands/wraps/hats/bonnets